About Coach

Coach started playing basketball when she was 10yrs old. Coach Bride moved on to play  district, state, country & at the semi pro level. She played at the state level all through high school and played for three Australian teams including the U17 Australian team that competed at Worlds in the Czech Republic. At this time she also played semi pro for the Southern District Spartans. 


Once graduating high school Coach pursued her dreams to play collegiate basketball in the US. She played at Northwest Florida State College, Hutchinson Community College, Iowa State University & recently at the University of New Mexico. She was ranked the #1 Juco post player in the country out of Juco where she also graduated with her Associates degree from Hutchinson Community College. Coach will graduate with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences May 2020 from the University of New Mexico. Bride then endeavor to pursue a Masters degree in Sports Administration.  


Bride said “I have had the pleasure of working in multiple camps and clinics with the youth since the age of 13. While in Australia I was the Head Coach for the 11A men’s basketball team at Brisbane State High school in 2013 placing second in the league .”

Coach’s Goals

When it comes to playing the game my goals and aspirations in life are to play for Australia at the Olympics & play in the WNBA at the highest professional level. During this time & after my playing career I endeavor to pursue a career in coaching. This game has changed my life & what makes me the happiest is being able to give back & teach the youth the game how I was taught. I’m so grateful for all the coaches & trainers that came into my life, I wouldn’t be half the person or athlete I am today if it wasn’t for them. I hope to have an impact on the youth as big as these coaches & trainers had on mine. 

The game of basketball is special, it tests your character in every way shape and form just as life does daily. This game is life changing, I hope to see y’all laces tied tight and ball in hand ready to get better on the court with me!  

Coach’s Beliefs

Important Keys I believe will help you in being the best basketball player you can be:

  • Getting
  • Healthy diet
  • Lots of water 
  • Recovery (stretching, rolling, ice bath)
  • Take care of your mental health 
  • Be organized & disciplined with your daily schedule
  • Be a student of the game (watch the NBA, WNBA, college basketball)
  • Be a gym rat (Repetition, repetition)
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